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Magnus can manage all of your social media to create more users and turn them into customers, write blog posts to engage your customers to buy more, and manage reviews and feedback through online social medias.
Are you including your social media on your website? Talk to us today and making your website the multi-functional promotion machine it can be!

Facebook is a must for all businesses now

A Facebook page brings new potential customers and current ones into the Core Strategy continuous cycle. Your customers are already on Facebook; over 300,000 residents are on Facebook in our county and outlying counties alone. They talk, share, post, recommend, and promote everything already. Your Facebook page can be the catalyst to drive these conversations and recommendations to your Website, where then they not only see your offerings, company story and promotions, they see your e-mail sign up prominently on the top of every single web page. Our “secret sauce” is also to use Facebook as a platform to turn you into an expert within your business category or industry. We use a multi-media content approach with content we create for you and external content sources that dramatically increase your credibility with your Facebook Fans. And those who visit your Website or receive your latest E-mail Marketing message forwarded from their friend, let’s make sure your Facebook page is prominently linked and displayed on your Website and in your E-mail Marketing messages. Part of the Magnus Pyramid strategy

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At The Very Least, Facebook Please!

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