The Magnus Pyramid


The Core Strategy inside the Pyramid

coreThe Core Strategy of the Magnus Pyramid surrounds the three digital marketing mediums that your business needs to use together; your Website, a Facebook business page and E-mail Marketing. The Magnus Strategy is to use these three mediums working cohesively to capture leads and potential customers to trap them into the Magnus strategy of promoting your business to the same lead through all three mediums:

  •         Website: we work to capture a web visitor’s information with a landing page or contact form to have them submit their contact information.  The key is to display an immediate incentive such as a promotional offer or marketing info piece such as an e-book, electronic brochure or flier.
  •         E-mail marketing: once the web visitor submits their contact information with their e-mail address, we immediately add them to your prospect and customer e-mail database to target them with your company’s specific products and offers.  We use E-mail marketing to encourage first-time buyers and repeat customers to write testimonials and opinions on your Website or even better, on your Facebook business page.  Open and honest feedback presents instant credibility to your business.  Negative feedback is just as good as positive as it provides instant market research about your business in order to address, alter or fix the issue.  New customers can see this communication exchange, witness your customer service first-hand, and gain trust that you care about honoring, promising and servicing what you offer.  Whether or not you provide these outlets for your customers, they’re going to write and talk about you either on your Website or on other Websites you have no control over – so you might as well encourage them to write on platforms (Website, Facebook page,etc) you oversee directly!
  •          Facebook: a Facebook page brings new potential customers and current ones into the Core Strategy continuous cycle.  Your customers are already on Facebook; over 300,000 residents are on Facebook in our county and outlying counties alone.  They talk, share, post, recommend, and promote everything already.  Your Facebook page can be the catalyst to drive these conversations and recommendations to your Website, where then they not only see your offerings, company story and promotions, they see your e-mail sign up prominently on the top of every single web page.  Our “secret sauce” is also to use Facebook as a platform to turn you into an expert within your business category or industry.  We use a multi-media content approach with content we create for you and external content sources that dramatically increase your credibility with your Facebook Fans.  And those who visit your Website or receive your latest E-mail Marketing message forwarded from their friend, let’s make sure your Facebook page is prominently linked and displayed on your Website and in your E-mail Marketing messages.


The importance of using a Blog in the Magnus Pyramid Strategy

blogging-for-businessFirst off, we’re realistic. You personally don’t have the time and energy to write content for a blog on your Website.  That’s where we bundle in the service to provide an active blog on your Website to bring together and expand on content from your Website, Facebook page and e-mail marketing.  A blog provides a conversational tone for your company to expand on products and promotions located on your Website, promoted in your HTML e-mail marketing campaigns, and is a gateway to pull your Facebook page users into your Website with fresh, entertaining and educational content.

There are 152 million blogs on the internet.  A blog on your Website is extremely important as search engines pick up on blog content HIGHER than regular Website content.

Read this one-pager here on the importance of Blogging

Here’s the list of the importance of blog content on your Website:

  • It creates fresh content and more pages of content, which is great for SEO.
  • It helps establish you as an industry authority and thought leader.
  • It helps drive more traffic and leads back to your Website.
  • It’s a great channel to converse and engage with your audience and customers.
  • It’s a great way to get valuable inbound links!


The results of the Core Strategy

By using the Core Strategy in the Magnus Pyramid, you leverage the three most important marketing digital platforms – your Website, Facebook business page and E-mail Marketing – all in one strategy overseen by our Magnus Marketing experts.

The other ancillary marketing functions we can provide and integrate into your Magnus Pyramid Strategy

We provide additional strategies and services in advertising, sales, special events and publicity.  In the Magnus Pyramid, we’ve displayed how each ancillary function plays a role into maximizing your digital marketing functions of the Core Strategy –  your Website, Facebook page and e-mail marketing.

Click here to read about how we can build all of your marketing around the Core Strategy

*All services are available a la carte or in any combination outside of the Pyramid.  We can provide all these services, inside the core of the pyramid and any ancillary marketing functions, as stand-alone services. We understand some companies may only need one or a few services and we are able to accommodate and provide the same expertise to each client.

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