3 Simple SEO Terms Translated so Non-experts can Take Action

SEO is the new business hot term, and why wouldn’t it be? With over 12 billion searches performed on search engines every month, businesses can’t afford to ignore the World Wide Web. They also can’t afford to ignore these SEO basics that you don’t have to be an expert to understand or put in to play.
keywords debate

  1. Keywords matter! There’s been a lot of debate within both the marketing and website design communities, but the fact is keywords are still relevant. Why? Because using the same word a couple of times within a webpage lets robots from search engines know that’s what the page is all about. It’s that simple.
    • SEO translationation/action item? Figure out what word(s) best describe what each of your webpages is about, then use it a few times on that respective page. Take it a step further, and use that same word or phrase in the page’s title.
  2. Register on Google places! If you want Google (the #1 trafficked search engine) to help you, you need to help Google.
    • SEO translationation/action item? Login or create a Google account to register your business with Google places. That let’s Google know where your business is located and gives Google the ability to return your business in search results to those who are in your area. Even better, you can update your places account as often as you like, and even add photos and coupons to their site. Umm, yes please!
  3. Submit a sitemap to Google; yet another way you can help Google help you! What does a sitemap do? It lets them Google know what content is on your website, by sending robots to your page to figure out what it’s all about, so it can better deliver your website to people who are looking for it.
    • SEO translationation/action item? Create a sitemap by going to the following website, then following these simple instructions. It will help your content be discovered quickly and accurately by Google robots, meaning it will help your webpage show up in search.

SEO is a complicated topic that is subject to constant change. Not everyone has the time or ability to be experts on it, but following the above quick tips is a good way for businesses to get their SEO start. For those who want a little more in depth help with SEO, please contact the team at Magnus Marketing for a consult.

Posted on September 4, 2015 in Blog

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