Secrets to Advertising on Social Media

Not everyone, but many, well…a lot, actually…almost everyone is using at least one social media platform (social media “website” as many will say, but after this post you’ll understand why we say social media platform). And 70% of all social media usage is on a tablet or mobile. In some cases, 95% of Facebook ads are seen on mobile.

And they’re searching on their phones. While they are already out of the house or at work.

Don’t believe it? Check this out

2015 mobile trends

This isn’t a “city thing” either. This is everywhere and it’s now. Over 300,000 residents are on Facebook in our county and outlying counties alone. What other medium can produce those potential customers at a fingertip? They talk, share, post, recommend, and promote everything already. They’re not waiting until after work or they are home at night at their computer – it’s happening now.  And this has been the way for the last few years.

Again, your Facebook page can be the catalyst to drive these conversations and recommendations to your Website. Social media isn’t a “set it and forget it” thing; it will only work with ongoing efforts and engagement.  Our “secret sauce” is also to use Facebook as a platform to turn you into an expert within your business category or industry. That’s where Magnus Marketing’s Social Media Management Services come in!

We’ve been working with social media since 2005 and social advertising since it’s infancy.

Ten Secrets to Social Media Advertising

  1. It’s the most targeted advertising that exists
  2. Affordable for all business shapes and sizes
  3. Execute multiple ads at once to different audiences you choose
  4. Set a time and date best to reach those audiences
  5. Target residents only, people in a specific area or everyone!
  6. Mobile reach can be as high as 90% or more compared to desktop
  7. Two-way communication with real potential customers. No one picks up the phone anymore.
  8. Statistics and real data available at the end of your ad or campaign. Make targeted decisions, not just on a hunch or a gut-feeling.
  9. Make a Post on your page and run it as an ad too.  This is much more engaging than just a regular Facebook ad.
  10. Social advertising can increase your rankings on Google and the major search engines.

Don’t be the only business without a social media presence. We have the perfect Social Media Package for you right now!

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