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digital marketing recipe

When Ruth Wakefield invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie back in the 1930s, she claimed “I wanted to give my customers something different.” It was a new recipe, but she was confident and knew it was a game changer. Millions of recipes have come since, but Ruth’s original & authentic recipe continues to appear on Nestlé’s packaging.  Like Ruth, we have our own original & authentic “digital marketing” recipe.

At Magnus, we’re confident in our own digital “recipe”. Others often disappoint with cheap or fake ingredients, rush the baking process, overlook details like greasing the sheet and size of the cookie, and fail in developing a tasty website or digital marketing strategy that makes you want more.

We’re proud to use authentic ingredients, use patience and diligence in the recipe, bake a little longer and serve the best cookie possible.

We’re experts in digital marketing. We evaluate new media technologies and platforms to aid in effective marketing campaigns. We will introduce your company, brand, store, or product to digital marketing communication campaigns – how to create, execute and analyze them. Magnus can take your marketing that used to be strictly traditional campaigns and move into digital – some or all – strategically using digital marketing, mobile, internet advertising, social media and social advertising, influencer campaigns (how celebrities or those with large social followings endorse and promote products), just to name a few. We’re analytical and can show you a solid evaluation with results. We’ll explore a concept called Content Marketing that is transforming how to cultivate new customers in both B2C and B2B.

Go ahead, take a bite. Contact us for a free one hour consultation.

Posted on June 21, 2016 in Blog

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