Marketing Video: Drive with Team Barber

When we first started working with Barber Trucking, we knew we needed to tell the “Barber Trucking” story. Everyone needs to know that Barber Trucking is more than just a trucking company and an employer, they are a team that works together every day.

We partnered with Awesome Films to make the video happen. After a long day of shooting video, snapping photo’s, and conducting interviews with Barber Trucking employees, we captured their incredible story.

When the video was finished, it accomplished exactly what our goal was: to tell the Barber Trucking story and showcase their amazing drivers.

The video is just long enough to tell the story and to capture the attention of new drivers out there looking to join a family, and not just a company. Also, we maximized our video work knowing we were going to make a 30 second spot with the same video to extend and use on:

  • recruiting micro-site
  • On social media platforms
  • On YouTube
  • And at recruiting events

(All venues wouldn’t care how long the video lasted.)

Compelling videos can be crucial in catching the attention of customer or prospect. That’s because it the consumer isn’t required to do anything but watch and listen. Did you know that,

“Websites that have videos on them get an extra 2 minutes of time than those without?” ~ Hubspot

Are you ready to tell your story with video yet? Contact Magnus to collaborate. Let us know what your goal is and we’ll let you know how we can help you accomplish it!

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