Marketing Audits

Marketing Audits

Marketing Audits

If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it. ~ Abraham Lincoln


Good planning takes time and resources

If strategic marketing is delayed until a severe crisis hits – loss of a major customer, sales declines, new competition, or pricing challenges – then it may be more difficult to easily adapt and change to survive.  Having a marketing plan, activities and people in a department are important, but that’s just the start. What makes or breaks daily marketing activities and meeting expectations compared to a proactive, tactical and progressive marketing system is evaluation and planning needed to make long and short term goals.

In the hustle and bustle of business decisions that needed to be made yesterday, and when achieving short term goals is often rewarded, it’s easy to lose focus on long term goals, and their plans on how to get there.  It’s just as easy to be blindly implementing strategies focused around outdated goals, or strategies that ignore game changers such as technology or the shifts in the market environment.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you meeting company marketing objectives and strategies? Do you even have objectives and strategies outlined?
  2. How do new customers find you? Are you constantly calling on them? What are your inbound strategies to draw them to contact you?
  3. How do you keep up with your industry trends and changes? Do you find yourself reacting to every competitor’s move?
  4. How often do you review your marketing? Every quarter, year, never?
  5. Who are your customers? Do you have a segmentation profile?
  6. Is your promotion exclusively advertising? Do you implement pricing strategies? Packaging? Added value and upselling methods? Is your sales force connecting with new leads on social media?
  7. Do you utilize publicity tactics at all? Is there an industry news source you could tell your story to?

If you answered “No” or are unsure of your answers, you need to consider one of our Marketing Audit services! A marketing audit by our experts at Magnus Marketing is your solution to a comprehensive review and strategic planning solution so your organization implements a marketing philosophy and techniques for the future.

What is a Marketing Audit?

Marketing audits examine the internal environment and/or the external environment, determining if fit in line with your current business plan and goals, and report on finding with suggestions for strategy adjustments and additions to align those with your marketing.

There are six components to a marketing audit: Environment, Strategy, Organization, Systems, Productivity, and Function.

Strengthen your marketing strategy and personnel department by having us objectively review and analyze your marketing to make sure it is headed in the right direction in the right way to reach your goals.

Steps in a marketing audit

Magnus Marketing offers three Auditing packages: choose between an external audit, and internal audit, or cover all your bases by choosing both.

Keep in mind the full scope of the audit is not listed below, and that specific objectives will be discussed in advance so accommodations can be made.

Components of an Internal and External Marketing Audit

Each audit option includes multiple meetings and constant communications throughout the entire process, with site visits. At the start, we will want to set objectives, identify data sources, determine report formats and time periods.  We will then gather data and complete the detailed and thorough evaluations with recommendations.  You’ll receive a presentation on our findings and recommendations, and a comprehensive document report.

Find out the health of your company marketing now by contacting Magnus Marketing to chat with us about the right Audit for you.


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