Don’t Miss Out on Halloween Marketing: 3 Tips to Inspire Businesses

With close to
7 billion dollars projected to be spent this Halloween, we have to beg the question: Why don’t more of our local businesses take advantage of the chance to increase their seasonal sales, or (for those who aren’t involved in sales) simply build goodwill within their community? Halloween is a prime time to connect with members of your neighborhood, and to remind them why they should be choosing your business for their goods or services. Keep top of mind by delighting them with one of the Halloween Marketing ideas below.

  • 1) Host a Modern Costume ContestLittle kids, big kids, and even some adults plan their costumes months in advance. Why not play into that and give them a chance to show off all of their hard work? You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money (and contestants don’t have to give up their whole day) f you organize it right.
      • * Let the community know by advertising it ahead of time. A great way to do that is a sign in the window, WOM,  and with social media.
      • * Tell contestants to stop by in costume for a quick photo anytime within a given period.
      • Print out the photos and put them with jars.
      • * Ask anyone you can to “vote” for the winner by putting a piece or two of candy (that you supply) in the jars. Make sure to tell contestants to get their friends and family down to your place to vote. You could even put the photos on social media for voting with you counting out and placing the candy for customer.
      • * The winner takes all of the candy, second and third place get to keep the candy in their jar.   
  • Halloween Marketing Photo Booth 20152) Stay Open for Trick or Treating
      • * This one is simple, simply throw up a few decorations and sit outside to show passersby that you’re participating in the tradition. Bonus if you take the opportunity to incorporate your business in the “treating” somehow (for example passing out a “Halloween coupon” to the parents).

  • 3) Set up a Ghostly Photo Booth
      • * Photo booths have been making a big splash lately. Capitalize on that with a graveyard inspired backdrop and a few basic Halloween props.
      • * Put a sign out asking to be tagged in any social media sharing.

Take advantage of the seasonal cheer by helping to create some yourself! Your community will appreciate it and remember you the next time they’re in the market for your goods or services. Want to do something great but just don’t have the time or creativity to get it done? Contact Magnus Marketing to organize and run your holiday inspired event.

Posted on October 16, 2015 in Blog

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