Corporate Communications

corporate communications

Corporate Communications

Magnus Marketing is the organization of experts in marketing, communication, messaging, and branding to develop and disseminate your Corporate Communication plan.

Corporate communication is crafting and promoting internal and external communications aimed at conveying your company’s point of view among your stakeholders. It is the messages to many of your audiences, such as employees, media, channel partners and the general public. They must transmit coherence, credibility, and ethics. Does your organization explain the mission and combine its many visions and values into a cohesive corporate communication?

Corporate communication must focus on management communication, marketing communication, and organizational communications.

• Management communication takes place between management and its internal and external audiences.
• Marketing communication can focus on direct communication such as direct mail, e-mail marketing, personal selling, and indirect such as industry advertising, sponsorship activities and website communication.
• Organizational communication consist of specialists in public relations, public affairs, investor relations, environmental communications, corporate advertising, and employee communication.

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