Brainstorming Sessions

When we say we’re marketing maniacs, we aren’t exaggerating

We subscribe to the latest marketing news and blogs, read the latest books, and gobble up the most current viral content related to our field. So what does that mean to you? That we’ll be the creative experts your business needs to allow you to focus where you’re needed most, on your company’s operations.

When you work with Magnus, you get four hyper-focused marketers on your side. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with each other, with our clients, and with our strategic business partners to come up with the best ideas and marketing plans possible.

Does your company:

• Need a new corporate brand or identity?
• Have a new product to release?
• Want a new or special (maybe seasonal) ad campaign?• Need to speak to a specific group of people that you aren’t sure how to resonate with?

If so, you should contact us for a consult. We’re problem solvers who get a thrill out of putting fresh eye on our clients pain points, and then working together towards solutions that makes everyone happy.

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